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08. May 2019, MAXFIVE

As a well-known Austrian proverb puts it, May is a time of new beginnings. Starting on 2 May, MAXFIVE is launching a new programme that is audibly different: jö.live – the new radio station for Austria!


catchy tune
new radio station

Created in cooperation with the Ö-Bonus Club, it will bring together the BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY and BIPA channels in Austria under a single umbrella program for the four group companies, featuring live presenters.

jö.live accompanies listeners through the day, around the clock.

A refreshing mix of catchy tunes that creates a great mood and stirs up fond memories, with artists including Adele, Pink, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Michael Bublé, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Adams and Lenny Kravitz. We don’t just keep on playing the same old tracks on jö.live – we always go for something different, with the occasional surprise thrown in for good measure. A blast from the past that catapults listeners back in time – to a moment that still raises a smile years down the line. This special mix of sounds makes jö.live unique.


Plus live DJs and thought-provoking features that are entertaining, exciting and inspirational while always offering some kind of benefit – whether it’s food and enjoyment that are in the focus, or health and beauty, family life, careers or relationships. Presented live and always in tune with the times.

Positive, modern, pleasant in the background and perfect for singing along to: it has to be jö.live. The ideal way to switch off and enjoy your favourite tunes. And not just when out shopping at BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY or BIPA. jö.live is the ideal companion for listeners on the move or at home via the livestream at jö, the jö app and the new DAB+ broadcast channel – the new standard for digital radio in Austria – from 28 May.

Did you know…

that these days, virtually all modern radios and most in-car stereo systems are DAB+ compatible? DAB+ – or Digital Audio Broadcasting+, to give the new format its official name – is synonymous with crystal-clear sound, free from interruptions or loss of quality, even on the motorway.

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