Abritron’s American Digital Video Study shows that close to half of all consumers over the age of 13 can still recall a product one month after it is advertised in public in video format. One in five confirmed that they had been driven to make a spontaneous purchase as a result of video advertising.

Of course, the marketing trick of window advertising is not completely new, but now it’s time to start! A dynamic look, a sweeping hand gesture or a digital interaction via smartphone: lacklustre, monotonous store-front displays are a thing of the past.

Interactive, digital point-of-sale applications are the future. And the future is now.

Whether it’s swipeable newsflashes, the latest sales or unveiling the new collection:  interactive store fronts are bringing window shopping to life. Literally. A direct link with the online shop opens the door to “in-store” shopping outside normal opening hours. Interest in the technology is growing in step with that elusive fun factor – brand profiles soar and recall values go through the roof. It’s a great way to grab the attention of loyal customers and reach out to prospective shoppers, all the while staying more than a click ahead of the competition.

ADIDAS already started a test with interactive shop windows in 2013:  Best Practise | Adidas | Source: YouTube