MAX Innovations brings the future to the POS

01. April 2022, MAXFIVE

Shopping experiences for all FIVE senses


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Hard selling at the POS has had its day. Customers want to be engaged. They expect shopping to be an experience. Which is why in these fast-moving times we are tinkering with multi-sensory presentation formats every day. Surprising and appealing on an emotional level. Digital and analogue.

But this isn’t a mere side project that we turn to whenever we get round to it. We’re taking a structured approach through a newly founded and – in every sense of the word – dedicated department which will focus on trends, applications and everything else the future has in store: MAX Innovations.

Above all else, we always keep two objectives in our sights:


  • Offering an emotional and holistic experience for in-store shoppers that – true to our motto – engages all five senses.


  • Taking the load off in-store employees through ingenious gadgets that enhance efficiency, profitability and sustainability in the group

With these targets in mind, we have put together a team in the MAX Innovations department that strikes the perfect balance between dynamism and experience. And doesn’t just live and breathe innovation – but loves it too. As part of the process, besides analysing demand and pinpointing hidden customer requirements, we will also be channelling our energy into innovation ideation and trend scouting. Here, solid project management and monitoring/evaluation of measures using key indicators plays a decisive role.

Heading for new adventures

At the moment, all eyes are on the customer journey, which we are looking to analyse in more detail using AI. Another of the main focuses is on potential applications for augmented and virtual reality. This not only helps to increase efficiency and standardise training for staff working in the stores, while providing an additional source of motivation through gamification; it also puts new tools in the hands of our customers, such as virtual shopping trips and virtual sampling.

Another core area for MAX Innovations is the use of interactive avatars for product recommendations or even recipe ideas. The clear advantages for customers include 24/7 availability and the option of customising avatars for their own brands.

Digitalisation and new technologies hold the key to incredible opportunities. And this is exactly where our journey starts – pinpointing, testing and combining POS trends. You’ll be amazed. The future is already here!

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