Touchscreen tables

21. October 2021, MAXFIVE

What at first glance looks like a normal table turns out to be laden with futuristic features. Because everyone can simply put up posters and employ sales staff.


product presentation
touchscreen table

These days, the leaders of the pack are turning to touchscreen tables with built-in object recognition technology. Always one step ahead with leading-edge solutions that leave the competition cold: the latest tech has what it takes.


User-friendly and logical to boot: simply placing an item on a table is just about the most intuitive interaction of all, meaning the process is self-explanatory for customers. And precisely in this moment, when the product gently touches down on the multi-touch surface, the intelligent software purrs into action, ready to conjure up an interactive shopping experience. Ingredients, nutritional value, company history, prices, inventory, fun facts, recipes – the choice is yours.

And all of the information that the vendor wants to share with the customer can be fed into the backend. From dry facts to amusing entertainment features: it’s all possible thanks to touchscreen object recognition.

For everyday retail and futuristic product presentations alike.

Once an object is placed on the table, the intelligent recognition system delivers facts and figures relating to the product, sharing it via buttons, copy, bullet points and videos, or whatever else the backend has to offer. It’s literally product placement that’s not just enjoyable and a breath of fresh air, but can also help strengthen brand identity and boost sales.


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