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20. July 2017, MAXFIVE

Digital signage leads customers to where the special offers are waiting. Or sends information specifically to employees. Timely yet far from mass communication.


Digital Signage
Push Notifications

Ping. Whatsapp.
Ping. Mail.
Ping. Snapchat.
Ping. Push notification.

We’re confronted with new information on our smartphones almost every minute. It’s easy to lose perspective. It’s difficult to distinguish relevant from useless. Because the flow of communication never dries up, because there’s basically no ‘lunchbreak’ anymore. For businesses, it’s important to still be seen and heard – in other words, perceived – in this overwhelming plethora of messages. With a well-thought-out, target-group oriented mix of communication and media, both internally and externally. Information must be easy to understand and stand out from the masses – because it’s been uniquely adapted or is particularly current – in order for consumers to absorb it. And the best is when it combines word and image. This might sound complicated, but MAXFIVE makes it easy. Because we are already experts in using the tool of the future: Digital signage.

Win at every level

Digital signage on a screen in the store or in public places makes it possible to quickly send immediately visible communication to customers and employees with no smartphone necessary. MAXFIVE has had digital signage as a significant part of its portfolio for several years and offers its customers an effective total package: from competent advising to the first idea, from technical options to the digital content with graphic preparation and the final execution. No matter where digital signage is needed – whether directly at the POS or on the company’s own TV channel – MAXFIVE develops optimum concepts that provide clear signage through the information jungle.

BILLA and BILLA PLUS are two early adopters that are already using digital signage by and with MAXFIVE for communicating with employees in their stores. The goal is to give employees the information that is relevant for them on a certain day. Content is customised and easy to understand in the form of pictures, pictograms and brief text. Employees can operate the screens themselves and can have quick access to programme content. Using digital signage at the POS functions similarly.


Current daily offers can be quickly put into the system and adjusted if needed, as can product descriptions and video, website content and weather updates. The German Society for Consumer Research already found out a few years ago that using digital signage can increase revenues by 16 to 24 per cent. Because retailers not only attract attention with digital advertising surfaces, they also attract new customers.

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