Multisensory shopping experience: the MAXFIVE Showroom

18. September 2023, MAXFIVE

What does a person’s favourite store smell like? Which sounds will encourage my customers to stop and browse the shelves? Which visual effects have the power to capture my particular target group’s attention? And which sales trends are coming our way?


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Multisensory shopping experience

Hear, see, touch, taste, smell – MAXFIVE is a byword for shopping with all five senses. And to help appeal to them all effectively before we come up with customised concepts for our customers, we have created our very own showroom in our media house.

The inspiration behind it all

We want to give our customers and visitors the opportunity to fully indulge their senses and get a first-hand feel for the shopping experience they offer their customers. To expedite the process, we’ve brought together a number of hardware and software solutions in an interactive space. Currently playing a key role at the point of sale, we are already using them in some business areas or exploring their potential in others. The basic idea behind it all is that anyone who works with the senses needs to come up with a way for others to experience all aspects of them, too.

The MAXFIVE showroom is another step that we are taking towards making retail “fit for the future” in the long term.

Ultimately, it is this ability – and willingness – to innovate that is essential for companies if they are to keep one step ahead of constantly changing market conditions. That’s why we also wanted to create a place where we can compare notes with people who are on the same wavelength as us and offer them advice. Because let’s not kid ourselves: inflation, sluggish economic growth, lower household incomes and rising costs – it’s not easy for our customers right now, or our consumers for that matter. Let’s talk about it, kick around some ideas and come up with some solutions.

What the MAXFIVE showroom has to offer

Video walls that will quickly have you under their spell, sound concepts that are in tune with the whole body, scent compositions that awaken memories – in our showroom, visitors will come into contact with a constantly changing selection of our products that they can hear, see, feel, taste, smell and simply try out for size.

Right now, they will find content from most of our departments: Digital Signage, MAX Innovations, Event, IT & Broadcasting, Programme & Music and Sound. Also: ever had a virtual training session wearing a VR headset? Well, now’s the time to give it a go.

We are constantly working on innovative product and service ideas to create new analogue and digital shopping experiences for our customers. In short, the MAXFIVE showroom is a place for testing new technologies, trying out ideas and exploring upcoming trends. For us, regularly evaluating all of the findings, new developments and content that crop up is an essential part of ensuring that there is always something new to discover – and that the new products that we bring to market are stem from proactive testing. In other words, with the MAXFIVE seal of approval.

Good to know

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we have another ace up our sleeve for turning our showroom into a genuine chamber of wonders: it can be transformed into an event location for us, our clients and partners for networking, cinema evenings, keynotes, fishbowl discussions or creative meetings, and is also perfect for video shoots. A space that unites innovations and offers added value on so many different levels. We can’t wait to get to work with you, taking another step into the future together. After all: the future is now!


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