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04. March 2020, MAXFIVE

‘Like a pair of giant satellites ’ is what immediately pops into your head as you set foot on campus and first set eyes on the impressive circular buildings clad in a high-end wood concrete composite. With all the boxes ticked from an architectural point of view, expectations are already running high.


holistic concept
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The entrance to the shoe outlet is light and welcoming, and the pleasant background music sets the scene for an extended stay right from the start. It soon becomes clear that this is not your bog standard Spotify playlist on rapid rotation. In fact, the carefully curated sounds come from MAXFIVE.

You get that feeling of being spirited away, where everything shifts down a gear. And even after the shopping is done you still want to stay for a drink and chill on the relaxing lounge furniture in Martin Auer’s coffee corner, while you watch the children enjoy themselves at the indoor playground.  This is what shoe shopping is all about – a proper feelgood experience.

Appreciation of people and natural forms is precisely what sets legero united apart from the rest

The campus in Feldkirchen near Graz is a place of encounter and dialogue with all those who are interested in shaping the future with legero. It’s here that ideas thrive and visions are turned into reality.

The new HQ will give up to 550 of legero united’s people an inspirational base from which they can take the legero, superfit, Think! and VIOS brands to the next level. In 2019, umdash was entrusted with the task of creating the blueprint for the new legero united retail space. The task was to present the individual collections in an attractive light, while bringing them to life digitally.

The campus is also home to legero united’s biggest ‘shoemakers outlet’, which gives customers a one-of-a-kind, multimedia brand and shopping experience: the furniture in the centre of the space and the vertical wall slats are made from oak. There is exposed concrete throughout and plenty of white to provide a calming contrast to the CI colours used by the different brands. The natural ambience is accentuated by indoor plants positioned on the floor or suspended from the ceiling and the shelf units.

Each brand is given a distinctive look and feel within the overall construction to aid customer orientation. Transparent dividing walls are used to delineate the various segments and fitting areas. Different bespoke tableaux support a modular presentation of the individual collections, as well as matching accessories including bags, headwear and scarves.

Digitale Tools

Building a bridge between the digital and bricks-and-mortar world in the interests of its customers is one of legero ’s core focuses. Which is why different technologies aligned to the various ranges are integrated into the surfaces, including a trio of touch-screen barcode price checkers. The shelves that the shoes are displayed on in the central space feature electronic price tags so that legero can perform item updates in real time.

A holistic shopping experience that’s in a class all of its own.

The shoe manufacturer also wants to up the level of interaction with customers using something called ‘lift and learn’ technology: when the customer picks up a shoe, product information is automatically displayed on a screen in the background. An RFID tag on each model provides inspiration in the form of images and videos before customers even try the products for size. The artistic video wall showing dynamic content and custom animations behind the service counter is a real eye catcher. Fed with content and managed centrally, it can also be used to display tailor-made ads.

About legero united

With a rapidly growing team of over 1,400 shoemakers from over 40 nations working at two sites in Austria as well as its own production facilities in Hungary, Romania and India, legero united is a popular and internationally-acclaimed manufacturer of shoes for customers of all ages. legero united develops, produces and sells shoes in more than 40 countries under its legero, superfit, Think! and Vios brands. The team and the legero united shoe collections are growing all the time – in 2018 the company posted sales of EUR 190 million and sold over 6 million pairs of shoes.

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