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21. March 2024, MAXFIVE

First things first: communication creates trust and connects people! Our radio hosts are on air every day and inspire listeners all over Europe. This is precisely why further training in voice and communication skills is always a top priority at MAXFIVE.


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As experts in communication, we are happy to pass on our knowledge: our training courses are available to anyone who wants to learn and develop their skills! In order to communicate confidently and authentically on all channels, we have been working with renowned trainers for around 20 years. One of them is Alexander Kurzwernhart, the “trainer of professionals”.

We spoke to the communications expert about the content of the various MAXFIVE training courses and the importance of body language, breathing and voice:

How can the participants imagine the training sessions? What can they expect?
The training sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the participants. It is important to me that this is not a classic teacher-student relationship – rather, I see myself as a respectful and supporting companion on the way to the agreed training objectives. Openness, appreciation, confidentiality and a constructive training atmosphere are important cornerstones.


All measures (exercises, flash inputs, methods, role plays, etc.) are specially tailored to the participants. The focus is on the trainees!

Who are the MAXFIVE training courses aimed at?
The training courses are aimed at all people who communicate, i.e. all of us! This is particularly important if you have customer contact, lead a team or talk to suppliers and want to appear coherent and authentic in every situation. It’s about getting your message across and winning people over. These skills are essential both in professional life and in everyday life!

Why is body language so important in everyday life?
In both our private and professional lives, the following applies: “First impressions count – and last impressions last.” Each of us is subject to the so-called Pygmalion effect. Figuratively speaking, that means: As you shout into the forest in body language, so it comes back. If you can consciously use your body language, you have a powerful tool at your disposal and can master even the most challenging communication situations with confidence.

What happens when we breathe properly?
A lot happens in the body and also in the mind! We can focus on goals with breathing techniques or relax with breathing exercises. Correct breathing also gives me the opportunity to use my voice in a targeted and stress-free way. As a result, we can communicate content clearly, comprehensibly and calmly. This is a great help, especially in change processes, conflicts or other challenging situations.

In times of YouTube tutorials and TikTok, where tips and tricks are shared everywhere, what are the advantages of personal training?
I always compare it to sport: of course someone can explain to me how I can ski down the Streif in Kitzbühel at racing speed. Nevertheless, as a good skier, I would stop at the mousetrap at the latest. It’s the same with body language: just like in sport, procedures have to be practised over and over again, only then will they be internalized and happen automatically. The principle can also be applied to communication.


The communication expert Marshall B. Rosenberg sums it up very aptly: “It’s simple but not easy”. Tutorials, reels and stories can provide support, inspiration and impetus. For successful application, however, we need honest feedback, practical exercises and individual solutions. This can only be provided by personal training, which in my view can also include online elements.

What are the participants given for the future?
All training courses that have to do with communication, voice and breathing provide a great deal of support in achieving professional goals. They are therefore essential building blocks on the road to success.

The training courses are also a journey to yourself. They provide support in the areas of personality development, appearance, impact, image and charisma. A coherent appearance inspires, impresses and inspires.

MAXFIVE trainings:


We offer training courses with our trainers throughout Austria. Depending on your needs, you can book hourly, one-day or multi-day training courses – for yourself or for a group of employees, for example! Are you interested? Write to us today at – you will receive a personalized offer!

About Alexander Kurzwernhart: The graduate of the renowned Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna has been working in the field of adult education for over two decades and offers presentation, media, speech, breathing and body language training. His clients include successful presenters, companies such as REWE International AG and NGOs. The best thing is that anyone can take part in Alexander Kurzwernhart’s training courses!


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