Radio Max becomes the full-service company MAXFIVE

20. December 2021, MAXFIVE

For almost 30 years, Radio Max has been making brands resound, creating feel-good atmospheres and demonstrably boosting sales figures. The success speaks for itself: many regular customers rely on it and well-known new customers recognize the importance of making corporate values tangible.


come with us

Shopping takes place on so many levels that consumers are not consciously aware of, but which make shopping an unforgettable moment at the POS. The managing directors of Radio Max also knew this and developed their traditional business model in the audio and digital signage sector further:

MAXFIVE wants to revolutionize the retail industry in the future with analog and digital shopping experiences and go in search of new products and services with entertainment value for everyday shopping.

“The speed at which things develop these days is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with, even for companies. So to keep our finger on the pulse, we have created our own paths to the future,” says Managing Director Michael Tippl proudly. More than a year ago, he says, they therefore set the course for new business areas. “We have been successfully giving other companies a voice for almost 30 years. Our goal now is to make shopping an experience for all five senses as well as to support companies in terms of efficiency and innovation. The high demands that consumers place on us and our customers, and that we also place on ourselves, require creative answers.

Clumsy selling at the POS has had its day. Customers want to be inspired and experience shopping.

That’s why we’re working on multi-sensory presentations that are both surprising and emotional, digital and analog. To this end, we have significantly expanded our portfolio,” adds Managing Director Norbert Gavran, who is responsible for sound, music and digital signage.

MAXFIVE is a one-stop shop

While the focus of Radio Max has so far been primarily on the audio sector, the company is now taking a much broader approach under the new name MAXFIVE. What does the whole thing look like at the point of sale?

“We create brand worlds that can be experienced. Because that’s what leads to lasting customer loyalty. Thoughtful atmospheric vibes that encourage people to linger, interactive digital gadgets or enticing show cooking. In the best case, of course, everything together, because that’s how we create a holistic shopping experience for customers,” explains Michael Tippl, Head of Radio, Technology and Innovation.

The full-service company sees itself as a sparring partner at eye level in all these steps. “We accompany our customers from the idea to the evaluation,” affirms Norbert Gavran. “But visual storytelling is just as important in making brands and companies visible. That’s why at MAXFIVE we are also increasingly relying on video productions, live streams and 3D animations,” Gavran continues. Scent marketing, on the other hand, is an area that many companies are not yet thinking about. Yet a corporate scent has a lot of potential to awaken emotions and memories.

Efficiency meets innovation

Especially in retail, efficiency is essential. MAXFIVE is already an experienced partner in this area and has successfully implemented acoustic optimization and sound concepts for the retail sector. Now, work is continuing on supporting store employees with sophisticated technical gadgets. “For example, we push sales of perishable fruit with the help of digital tools. And the best thing is: solutions like these are not only economical, but also sustainable,” says a delighted Richard Heinschink, Managing Director of Finance.

“In addition, we look for, test and combine the megatrends at the point of sale. Our wealth of experience helps enormously here. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over all these years, it’s to distinguish between flash in the pan and long-lasting hits. Knowing when to let hypes pass and which trends develop into real market leaders is our business. To illustrate this, in future we will have our own showroom in the media house, which will provide a playground for relevant trends,” adds Tippl.

Experts are at work here

Of course, this requires a lot of (wo)manpower. That’s why the MAXFIVE team consists of over 100 employees from a wide range of disciplines. Music experts, sound and motion designers, presenters, editors, trend researchers, technicians and business developers work every day to create the right emotions for the retail industry. “We rely on an interplay of ambitious and talented specialists. That is our recipe for success,” says Richard Heinschink, visibly proud. The managing directors and their team are happy to pass on their knowledge.


MAXFIVE is Austria’s market leader in the POS radio segment, an all-rounder for retail experiences at the POS and a REWE Group company. From its media center in Vienna, MAXFIVE broadcasts to 9 countries across Europe, reaching around 10,000 stores daily. All programs are tailor-made and produced in the company’s own studios. With more than 10 million listeners across Europe, MAXFIVE is already Europe’s leading in-store radio station. Almost 30 years of experience directly at the POS and more than 100 employees also make MAXFIVE an expert in cross-media sales promotion. In addition to in-store radio, the company successfully offers digital signage solutions in an international environment: MAXFIVE provides visual content for more than 2,500 screens in six countries. Professional commercial production, corporate sound solutions and podcast productions also complement the company’s audio services. Event management, scent marketing, tastings and samplings round off the innovative portfolio.

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