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17. August 2017, MAXFIVE

Every business has its own unique identity and language. MAXFIVE gives you the right voice for it. Because listening has a lot to do with feeling.



There are voices that follow us all our lives. In Austria, for example, everyone rides the train with Chris Lohner because her voice is the voice of the stops and end stations first recorded in 1979. Or, if you always turn the evening news on at the same time, you might recognize the newsreader without even looking, just by the sound of the welcome. One way or another: Voices create emotions, including a sense of familiarity, and sometimes even annoyance if someone is speaking that one would prefer remain silent. In times of complete digitalisation, voices can communicate a closeness that otherwise gets lost between zeros and ones. They can give a company an identity that adds to its brand image. The way BILLA did, for instance, with its ads involving the personification of their clients’ “common sense”.

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The magic touch for the right voice

Intuition is not enough when it comes to finding the right voice. Professionalism and technical know-how are prerequisites for giving a company its voice. MAXFIVE has worked with trained voice artists, whose voices cover the entire range of tonality, for years. Different pitches and qualities of voice for the most varied customers. And: Different ways to use these voice for the most varied demands. With all its experience, MAXFIVE also know which form works best for certain customers. Advertising spots that need sound. Sometimes telephone announcements which can be an important connection point for consumers. Company sounds or entire audio books. Spoken or sung in state-of-the-art studios with only the best of equipment. “Our team understands that it’s only the sum of all details that make an emotional whole – the perfect voice that reads a crisp text into the highest quality microphone”, says producer Michael Rauch. “And that is our job: to implement the wishes of the customer in high fidelity”. With a feel for making what moves clear.


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