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09. July 2020, MAXFIVE

Some podcasts are dedicated to business, art and self-improvement while others are devoted to helping listeners stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. The latter category is proving particularly popular in the age of corona. Considering the sheer volume of content that we are exposed to on social media each day, there is something very relaxing about focusing on a single topic for an extended period of time.


discussion show format

And MAXFIVE, which has long been part of the podcast trend, has teamed up with SeneCura for its latest project: a podcast that address a wide range of of health questions. Each week it explores topical health related issues in a discussion show format.

SeneCura and OptimaMed, the private sector health and care facility innovation and market leader, invites industry experts to talk about their specific disciplines. Each episode gives listeners pointers on staying fit and healthy on their personal journey towards greater wellbeing.

The first episode focuses on the corona pandemic and its impact on our social lives. The current situation has proved extremely testing for many families. Although phased reopening of kindergartens and schools is helping to alleviate the burden on parents somewhat, it is still a long way from bringing about a return to normality as various restrictions are still in force. Children and teenagers are still facing a very different world.

Children and corona is a topic that tends to go under the radar at the moment given all of the other concerns that people have. Unfairly so, as children are also dealing with unprecedented challenges. The issues on the table include the impact on young people’s mental health when they are suddenly confined indoors for weeks on end. And how do children come to terms with social distancing at school and being forced to wear masks?

Presenter Martin Hammerl talks to senior consultant Dr. Brigitta Lienbacher, from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at the Wildbad paediatric rehabilitation centre. Listen to the Podcast (German only).

You can listen and subscribe to the podcasts on various platforms including: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Deezer sowie Podplayer.

About the SeneCura Group

The SeneCura Group is among the market and innovation leaders in the private health care  sector and operates 85 health and care facilities in Austria with around 7,470 beds and care places. In addition to inpatient care, the Group also offers home care services, 24-hour care and sheltered accommodation in its BePartment complexes. Many SeneCura facilities are operated as multi-generation residences with integrated kindergartens.


SeneCura’s Health Division portfolio comprises the OptimaMed facilities with inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centres, health resorts with rehabilitation facilities and active preventive healthcare offers, physical therapy institutes and a dialysis centre. Care facilities in Slovenia and the Czech Republic round out the SeneCura Group. SeneCura is part of France’s ORPEA Group, which ranks among the international leaders in its field with 1,014 care and health facilities in 22 countries. SeneCura is the ORPEA Group’s competence centre for Central and Eastern Europe. The region managed by SeneCura covers Switzerland and its Senevita facilities.

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