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19. July 2017, MAXFIVE

The Bellbox is a unit developed by MAXFIVE for use at the POS: It plays music, makes announcements when a button is pushed and helps communicate with customers in real time.


Musik auf Knopfdruck

Music. “Cash desk 2 will be open in just one moment”. Music. Product advertisement. “Would the store manager please come to cash desk 3”. Music. It’s impossible to do without a well-made mix of radio programming and customised announcements, one that can be easily and very quickly operated, in today’s modern POS. But up until now, creating a smooth combination was not at all straight forward. Common systems have multiple components that need to be individually operated. Not only awkward to operate, but also sometime subject to error. As an observer and authority on POS’s, MAXFIVE has recognised the need for an improved device. It worked for eight months until it perfected its Bellbox, a completely unique device on the market. It’s an all-in-one unit for centrally controlling music and announcements throughout the branch store.

The Bellbox is the jukebox of retail that makes stored music and announcements centrally controllable.

The Bellbox is the jukebox of retail. It has storage capacity of up to 400 sounds and announcements that can be reproduced with just a click. Classically done with a switch, contemporarily done with a tablet. If an announcement is selected, it’s laid over the radio programme which continues softly in the background. It’s an opportunity for staff to personally accompany the shopping experience and spontaneously react to events. Without any annoying back-and-forth switching among multiple devices. A relief for store employees. Also because MAXFIVE doesn’t just include the software and hardware but also provides content for the Bellbox. With announcements, songs and programme portions that are individually coordinated with the retailer.

The speaker system is modified before the Bellbox is hooked up.

This is because it is a basic prerequisite that the POS fits the retailer or the brand. Which also includes how the POS sounds. The musical accompaniment of a sale really has an important influence. Customers are subconsciously affected by the sound of the shop. When the sound accompanying them through the aisles is the right one, they stay longer and buy more because the songs and the products fit together. MAXFIVE knows how the radio and music programme needs to be cut to fit the time of day and the clientèle in order to reach the greatest number of customers the best. That is why, even before the Bellbox is installed, the sound system is adapted to the space. If the framework conditions aren’t right, even the best device doesn’t help ultimately. Every POS is different and sounds different. Because stores vary in size and height, there is no standard: the arrangement of shelving can be completely different and the length of the aisles can vary. And that is exactly what impacts the final design of the sound system. How many speakers, in which spacing, and at which angles. Then, MAXFIVE installs the Bellbox. After that, it’s really easy: simple.

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