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26. January 2023, MAXFIVE

Join forces with MAXFIVE and boost your business!


5 senses
Future of Retail
shopping experience

THIS IS A CALL: MAXFIVE is one of the leading providers for multi-sensual POS communication in retail, and is now looking for start-ups, technology companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to team up for innovative business models that will bring MAXimum success to your business!

Pitch your solution (technology, product, service, etc.) –
and shape the future of the retail sector with us now!

The time has come again: Our MAXFIVE Start-up Factory is going online, and this is now your opportunity! Pitch your solution to collaborate with MAXFIVE as a partner. The most promising start-ups have the opportunity to become part of the MAXFIVE Start-up Factory. This means: your gateway to the REWE world.

Boost your

The selected start-ups have the chance to test their solution in REWE Group markets and thus have access to a large customer base and use valuable resources. Our start-up programme can help you to take off with your product or service! You will work directly with the right contact persons and increase your business activity.

Benefit on top: Even if your start-up is not chosen for the Factory, we will keep you on record. This way, you still have a chance of being referred to the right contact person at REWE.


Are you ready to work with us on innovative business solutions?

The following 5 trend fields come into question:

Instant Shopping

Shopping via QR code or voice control:
shopping in a diverse range of everyday situations.


Playful Stores
A climbing wall in the store or AR games for children:
Shopping experiences are created with interaction and play.


Event Shopping
Special online events such as Cyber Weeks,
Singles Days or Live Shopping motivate to buy online.


Curated Shopping
Individual shopping experiences are made possible
by personal consultation with experts, supported by new technologies.


Blue Commerce
We want to make sustainable shopping possible for our customers
and offer them unforgettable experiences at the same time.


We are Austria’s market leader in the area of Point of Sale Radio and experts in promotional retail experiences. As part of the successful REWE Group, we work for BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY, BIPA, ADEG etc. Among our highly satisfied customers outside the REWE family are for example Lagerhaus, Legero, McArthurGlen, SeneCura und OptimaMed.

Our mission is to revolutionise daily shopping for all FIVE senses. Which is why custom-made radio programmes, visual screen content, event management, scent marketing, tastings and samplings are part of the deal. Since we want to be part of shaping the shopping of tomorrow, we are always on the lookout for new challenges. And that is where you and your business come into play!

Be part of the MAXFIVE Start-up Factory and submit your innovative solutions for the future of retail. Are you ready for the challenge? We are excited!

+ Is it necessary to travel to travel to Austria for the Start-up Factory?
Depending on the intended cooperation, individual discussions are held and it is agreed whether an on-site appointment is necessary or whether remote cooperation is also possible.
+ What is the working language?
Workshop input and pitches will be held in German and/or English.
+ How can I apply for this program?
Fill out the application form and provide us with the core information about your company (It takes approximately 15 minutes). If we require further information, we will contact you for a personal interview.
+ What happens after my application?
Best-in-class start-ups will be invited for an interview (remote pitch or personal meeting) with our team and managing directors from MAXFIVE to discuss their business model, technology, and growth ambitions. Successful candidates will then be invited to the 5-week validation phase. Successful teams will be then given the chance to enter a cooperation with MAXFIVE. We have an additional benefit for you! Even if you are not chosen as a start-up for the factory, you have the chance to be referred to the right contact person in REWE!
+ How does the selection process work?
The applications call is open until February 15th, 2023 and all applications will be reviewed during the following week after it’s closed. Best-in-class start-ups will be invited for an interview (remote pitch or personal meeting) with our team and managing directors from MAXFIVE to discuss their business model, technology, and growth ambitions. After a rating of all applications, you will get the notification in case you are among the top selected start-ups.
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