Stay on top of the game: These are the retail trends for 2024

15. April 2024, MAXFIVE

Technological innovations are constantly changing our lives - and therefore also our shopping behaviour. Only retailers who can fulfil the needs and expectations of their customers will stay in the game.


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At MAXFIVE, we understand the complexity of modern retail and are happy to support you as a reliable partner in the current challenges. Our goal is to help you inspire your customers through optimised shopping experiences for all FIVE senses, whether analogue or digital.

MAXFIVE Retail Trendmap

The MAXFIVE Retail Trendmap 2024 (image) and a detailed report serve as a compass in the jungle of AI tools and tech start-ups, which we will be happy to provide you with! Mail to



Understanding retail trends: Mega and sub-trends in the retail sector can be selected and prioritised based on the wishes and needs of customers. For example, customers’ need for sustainability is satisfied by an increased range of analogue and digital information on the retail side. Specific measures (sub-trends) here include interactive screens or augmented reality products in the shop, as well as impeccable product quality, (green) loyalty programmes and transparency.

The retail trends for 2024 highlight the interplay between technology, sustainability and customer loyalty in retail.

A key trend that will shape the sales of the future is personalisation through artificial intelligence (AI).Customers expect customised offers that meet their individual needs.In the digital world, consumers potentially have access to the entire global market at the click of a mouse.In retail, the task – supported by AI – is to curate this confusing space of products and options for the individual and to offer shoppers the best possible offer in line with their wishes, life situation and possibilities.

Sustainability and hybrid shopping

Sustainability, regionality and ethical consumption are also playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ purchasing behaviour. MAXFIVE supports you in communicating sustainability measures transparently and placing them in the physical-digital experience space (= phygital).

This hybrid between the real and digital worlds is another important aspect of retail trends. The shopping experience is designed seamlessly across different channels, the physical shop space is optimised and synchronised with online platforms. However, the local store remains the “place of truth” in retail: this is where promises are kept or broken. This is where customers experience the brand and product range up close, employees are brand ambassadors and have more time for customers’ individual concerns thanks to technological (AI) support for routine activities.

MAXFIVE – Your partner for innovative retail solutions

Retail may be changing, but at MAXFIVE we stay on top of the game and help you meet the changing needs of your customers. Not only are we experts in current retail trends, but we are also constantly working to develop forward-thinking strategies and have been doing so for our clients across Europe for several decades.

Our team is always available to support you in developing your innovation and AI strategy. We offer personalised advice and tailor-made workshops to ensure that your company remains successful in the future.

If you would like to find out more about the Retail Trends 2024 and gain specific insights, we would be happy to send you the detailed Retail Trend Report 2024!


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