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14. January 2022, MAXFIVE

Why expertise is not enough on its own – we need to learn to pass it on


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virtual reality

One of the biggest buzzwords right now concerning the future of our society is “lifelong learning”. We keep hearing that it will be the exception rather than the rule for people to remain in the same job their entire life, that we will have to stay on the ball and keep on honing our skills so that we don’t get left behind.

But that’s easier said than done, particularly given the incredible amount of choice we have. Not to mention the mountains of content we’re confronted with.

Everything startet with our MAX MEDIA ACADEMY

Here at MAXFIVE, training and education has been on our radar for a long time. A case in point being the MAXMEDIA Academy, which has already notched up some pretty impressive successes when it comes to coaching respected presenters in its broad-based and in-depth training programmes. Founded in 2008, over the years it has zeroed in on exactly what it takes to become an all-round language expert and media/radio pro: presenting, moderating, conducting interviews, as well as teaching people rhetoric skills and everything they need to know about studio equipment.

On request we offer a full range of individual and group training programmes for anyone who is interested. Please contact Daniela Auer to find out more – she will put together an offer for you.

We have the knowledge. We just need to pass it on

Over the years, lots of companies have built up an incredible wealth of knowledge and information about a staggering range of processes. But things start to go wrong when it comes to passing it on. Employees leave the company or retire and the expertise they had is filed away somewhere or just lost forever – so introducing standards definitely makes sense.

The e-learning videos that we produce can help your company to optimise – and standardise – staff training. Specific topics and training focuses are brought to life by our motion designers as animations, with sound and language elements aligned to specific requirements. Everything under one MAXFIVE roof.

The e-learning videos and training courses help to take the load off in-store employees, enhancing efficiency, profitability and sustainability throughout the group  in the process.

Virtual learning

But – as usual – we are looking to take things a step further. It’s not enough just to operate as a training partner in this area of staff development: we want to appeal to the five senses as far as possible. Which is why we are already working on ways to make existing e-learning systems even more interactive to optimise and improve learning outcomes.

Our goal is to use digitalisation and innovation tools to give employees the best possible opportunity to engage with the idea of lifelong learning – more effectively, clearly and easily. Stay tuned!

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